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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Vltava receding
It looks like the river's stopped going up and they're expecting it to start receding tonight at 15 cm per hour. Finally some good news! Old Town square has been opened up to people again, so it looks like the authorities expect the flood barriers to hold.
More pictures are available at a local site. Old Town square is still dry, but the flood barriers put up two nights ago are reported to be vibrating, meaning they could burst. If they can hold out, experts are still expecting the river to rise only for a couple more hours, which would mean it won't burst these barriers. But they're fighting the largest volume of water that's ever been recorded here, as I understand it. Parts of the city are under 7 feet of water. Our designer's apartment is now a fish tank. An otter escaped from the Prague zoo and was seen downriver. An elephant that resisted attempts to move it somewhere else was shown on TV up to its ears in the water last night and many people turned on the news to see what'd happened. They'd had to shoot it in the end. Also an old lion was put down as were other animals. But many were also saved. Really sad, since the zoo has been improving a lot and modernizing. The Lesser Quarter is under water, so really nice buildings are being ruined or already are destroyed. Anyone who knows Prague knows how horrible this all is. It could be worse and people are still hopeful. So far, the Charles Bridge is holding out.
Floods in Prague
Yes, things are pretty bad here. As of noon, the river was still cresting, though they expected it to stop yesterday afternoon. Now it's expected this afternoon. They're about to blow up a ship by the National Theater that got stuck with engine problems and couldn't go to a safe harbor downstream. It would take out a good four bridges, since it can't go under them anymore. I'll be putting pictures up here.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

GI Joe armed and dangerous
Hee hee. Here's a good one.
Translator God Alex Zucker suggests the following link to a collection of Czechoslovak matchbooks dedicated to Child Safety. Yes, Lileks has been alerted.